Are You Wasting Money by Over Watering?

Take advantage of smart irrigation systems and their components to effortlessly take Control of your watering schedules.


The Hunter Hydrawise System Controller

Hunter Hydrawise System Controller

A Hydrawise system predicts weather patterns and schedules watering accordingly, saving you the time and frustration of manually programming a controller, and calculating how long each zone needs to run. This takes the guesswork out of watering and being a WiFi enabled controller allows you to see if your system is running wherever you are. For added protection and peace of mind, pair your Hydrawise system with a flow meter, which can detect broken or leaking pipes as well as solenoid and wiring issues.

Saving water (and money) by watering only when it is needed, is another benefit of the Hydrawise. Most lawns need 1" of water per week. Over watering can ruin your landscape by drowning the plant's roots by filling porous spaces with water instead of oxygen, vital to plant growth. Over watering can also cause a lawn to a have a shallow root system promoting weeds that are difficult to control, disease and numerous fungus.

Irrigation System Rain Sensors benefits

Irrigation System Rain Señor

Want to have a simple yet effective and efficient upgrade to your current irrigation? Have a rain sensor installed. Save water (and money) by keeping your system idle when it's raining or a heavy rain has just passed through. A rain sensor also prevents your irrigations system from running unnecessarily, which also helps with the wear and tear of the valves, pipes and heads, which can be costly and timely to repair.

Warmer weather is coming!

Sun beating on lawn

The angle of the sun will be at its maximum intensity soon trying to burning and scorch your nicely groomed lawn.

If you haven't scheduled your turn on yet, now is the time to do so.

Don't wait until it's too late, once the damage is done, you'll be looking at a brown lawn instead of green, and you'll need some "green" to have your lawn repaired or even replanted. You don't want to be the only one in the neighborhood with an unsightly landscape.

Having your system ready to go at the start of the season is the best time to do it, even if it's been raining and your lawn looks awesome. Having an irrigation system means having it ready to go when you need it, not waiting until the summer heat is already taking its toll on your lawn. You will need your irrigation at some point, that's why you have it, so why not be an early bird and get that worm.